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Ab Machines Buyer Guide

Finding the right abdominal exercise equipment for home is not an easy task sine there are a lot of products out there. Unfortunately, most of these devices are not as good as they are promoted. In many cases, some of the “as seen on TV” products are good for nothing.

You have to understand that getting six-pack abs is almost impossible by using an ab trainer if you have the thick layer of belly fat. You need to do cardio exercises and pay attention to your calorie input to burn that stomach fat. But there is no question that some home exercise equipment can help you to burn fat, lose weight and train abdominal muscles effectively without going to a gym.

What is a good ab equipment? One which is safe and comfortable to use, it strengthens the all the core muscles by a full range of motion and does not cost too much. Let’s go into the details.

Comfortable & Adjustable

It is very important to use equipment which is comfortable. When you do the abdominal workouts, it should support your body. Or, at least, it should offer options to tweak it to make it comfortable. A good exercise machine for abs is developed to protect users from different sorts of injuries and strains.

Never buy a machine that forces your body into an unnatural state or does not come with stabilization. It may harm your lower back, neck or any other parts of your body.

Before purchasing, check out what sorts of settings it offers, how it works and read some reviews made by users. If the reviews complaining about injuries, forget that product. Your health is the first.

All Abs Muscles are Targeted via Full Range of Motion

Buy one that lets you train all your muscles – upper and lower abdominals, oblique muscles and the intercostals.

Besides targeting all the muscles and it should provide a full range of motion. The best way to train your midsection is to make moves which go from total stretch to total contraction. Unfortunately, there is not much exercise equipment for abs which supports full movements. Most of the tools do not take care of extension, only on contraction.


Before buying check out how big it is. If you live in a small flat, it will be hard to use a large machine unless you cannot fold it up. There is some equipment which can be folded up and stored in a small place, but bigger ones need a place. Keep storage in mind before buying one.


There are a lot of ab machines for home within a wide range of prices. In many cases, not the most expensive is the best. On the other hand, if you buy a low quality and cheap product, at the end you will pay more.

Decide how much you want to spend and try to find the most suitable core exercise equipment for your money.


If you follow the tips about how to buy an ab machine, you will get one which not only helps you to get a flat stomach, but also safe. On this site, we only talk about those that meet the mentioned criteria.